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Can MOEbiz scan very old documents my business has had for a long time?

Yes, MOEbiz can scan very old documents for your business! One of our specializations is backfile conversion. We are very meticulous when handling old files and books. We take extra precautions when scanning these files to protect the integrity of the documents. Having your historical documents digitized will protect them from wear and tear of being handled.


Can MOEbiz help with the grant process for book scanning for legal entities?

Yes, MOEbiz can will help with the book scanning for legal entities as part of the grant process! Our staff has been through the grant process numerous times, and they are well educated on how it works. We can assist you in any part of the process!



Our Facility

Our secure facility spans 60,000 square feet, enclosed by a fence for safety and privacy. With 24/7 surveillance, advanced cameras cover both indoor and outdoor areas. Only authorized personnel with keyfob access can enter, and cellphone use is prohibited. Visitors must comply with our strict check-in policy, presenting valid identification. We also offer access to physical documents tailored to our valued clients’ needs.

MOEbiz Scanning Services Building

Backfile Conversions
Day Forward Scanning
Book scanning for legal entities.

MOEbiz Book Scanning for Legal Entities

We will provide references upon request. Confidentiality agreements available upon request.

All employees have confidentiality agreements, are HIPAA certified, and PII and FERPA compliant. We conduct background checks and drug screenings before hiring.

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You're covered when you have our MOEbiz Advantage Remote Service Plan
You're covered when you have our
MOEbiz Advantage Remote Service Plan