A brief history: From Monroe Office Equipment to MOEbiz

Monroe Office Equipment was established in 1923 by Armand V. Breard, subsequently operated by Armand E. Breard from 1969-1998, and is currently owned by Chap and Ann Breard. Originally, the company focused primarily on selling typewriters, but shortly thereafter, diversified into office supplies and office furniture. The company eventually transitioned into technology services, and most recently, added records management.

Monroe Office Equipment (aka MOEbiz) has sold, serviced and installed office furniture and equipment in all 64 Louisiana parishes, as well as in multiple states. In 2012, Monroe Office Equipment changed its name to MOEbiz, and sold the office supply/furniture business to focus on technology. Today, MOEbiz sells and services networks, copiers and printers both locally and regionally. MOEbiz currently manages over 3,500 computers/copiers/printers in North Louisiana, South Arkansas and 12 other states. MOEbiz successfully changed its business model in order to grow and thrive in a changing landscape.

MOEbiz purchased the ongoing business “The File Depot” in June, 2017. The File Depot is a comprehensive records storage and management company which became a department of the MOEbiz operation under the MOEbiz name in January, 2021. We offer hard copy records storage, record management based on retention schedules, shredding and purging, including monthly container service and bulk destruction, as well as scanning of documents along with cloud storage. We currently store approximately 55,000 records boxes in a HIPAA compliant 50,000 square foot building. Our records management business also focuses on BPO (business process optimization, or automation of scanning documents).

In October, 2018, MOEbiz purchased Stuart’s of El Dorado, Arkansas/North Louisiana. This purchase has allowed MOEbiz to continue to grow in the technology business. MOEbiz currently has 65,000 SF of offices in Monroe, and also branch offices in Ruston, La. and in Eldorado, Ar.


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You're covered when you have our MOEbiz Advantage Remote Service Plan
You're covered when you have our
MOEbiz Advantage Remote Service Plan