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At MOEbiz, we want to answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision.

Why am I spending so much on ink, and what can I do about it?

Typical ink cost for a small home/office printer can run up to 32 cents a page; yes, that is correct, there is a huge profit source for manufactures from ink. Ink cost is approximately $2,700 a gallon, so everything is about the volume you do and the proper fit for equipment. It may be cheap to buy a small printer and high to run it, but if you print less than 100 pages a month, then it may make sense.

How much do your services cost, and what is included?

A typical black and white office copier costs approx. 1.5 cents per page black and .10 cents per page color to operate, and what we include for that is all the consumables that it takes to make a copy like color toner/black toner, drums, developer, feed rollers, and all service labor and parts. The only areas we don’t include are staples (for the equipment that has a built-in stapler, and electricity! Or any type of abuse).

What kind of purchasing options does your company offer?

We offer an outright purchase where you own the equipment, and we also offer leasing, structured in a way that you pay for it as you derive a benefit from it. Our average lease term is 44 months, and approx. 92% of our customers lease.

Can I end my lease, and do I own my equipment at the end of my term?

The vast majority (over 90%) of our leases are what is defined as FMV (fair market value) which means at the end of the lease term, you have an option to purchase the equipment at its fair market value not to exceed 15% of the original purchase price. So let’s say the cost to purchase it was $10,000; then at the end of the term, if you decide you want to purchase it, the cost would not exceed $1,500.00. There is also an additional lease structure which is referred to as $1.00 purchase which means you own if for $1.00 at the end of the term; this is technically referred to as a contract to purchase.

What is MPS?

Defined as Managed Print Services (basically an industry term), this refers to having a company manage all the printers you have, including repairing them when needed, supplying toner and other parts needed to make them work, as well as print driver support (if you get a new pc and we install the driver for you). It also includes quarterly or semi-annual reports; this allows us to help with your expenses and plan for future growth by understanding who is printing what, where and why so you can actively help to control your cost structure.

What is covered in a service agreement?

Same as the copier side. See our Remote Service Plan.

What equipment do you sell at MOEbiz?

We sell HP equipment including inkjet/laser and wide format printers and copiers; we also sell Ricoh equipment branded under the Lanier name, including copiers/printers and wide format, as well as Muratec, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta.

Can we be supported regardless of number of locations?

Yes MOEbiz currently supports companies with remote locations in a number of ways including onsite with our technicians, remotely with our help desk, and on occasion we outsource to a qualified vetted dealer; we handle the calls and report back to you with a consolidated invoice for streamlining your accounting practices.

Do you have state contracts?

MOEbiz does not participate in state contracts at this time. We value our service and so does our customer base, and do not want to be perceived as the cheapest alternative.

What's the advantage of staying local instead of using a large out-of-area company?

Decisions are made here by people who can get close enough to understand the problem, and present a solution that is good for both parties. We pride ourselves on looking for opportunities to help make your business more efficient from a technology standpoint, whether it is better internet, better IT, or less printers and copiers with less printing. Yes that is right, we are actually  interested in helping your business become more efficient even if it reduces our revenue from you because that is the right thing to do!

Do you store file boxes at your location?

Yes, we have a dedicated site for that purpose. If you are storing yourself, do you have a process to destroy files after the retention schedule says to? Or do you need a retention schedule developed? Also, when someone pulls a file, is there a way to verify that it was refiled properly, and are they secure? The same questions apply to off-site storage as well as the expense associated with that. Also, if you do store at your office, could that real estate be repurposed? We can store 100 boxes of records (the bankers box style) for less than $50.00 a month, and that includes having the ability to scan if you need a record, and/or pull the file and bring to you along with an excel spreadsheet listing your boxes and the destruction dates.

Who do we call when we need toner, and do we talk to a real person?

The short answer is yes; however, we also have an online system and a text system if you want to use it, but we answer all the phones locally.

How long does it take to get a new device installed?

Typical turnaround time is about 7 working days.

Are you local, and do you have national coverage?

We have customers in 38 states, and for some we actually do the service ourselves with technicians driving or flying to locations (primarily for network installs and setting up scanning properly). We ship all the toner to our office and/or direct from the factory to you. In states where we do not have personnel available, we outsource to a network of qualified professional dealers. We can consolidate and manage your devices with centralized dispatch so you don’t have to call multiple people.


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You're covered when you have our MOEbiz Advantage Remote Service Plan
You're covered when you have our
MOEbiz Advantage Remote Service Plan