MOEbiz has helped customers around the region save money and boost productivity.


“We were spending more time with internet and technology issues than we were providing excellent care to our patients.”

– Terri Sylvestri & CeCe Weaver


“My CFO and I didn’t even realize the amount of time we were spending on taking care of technology issues until we no longer had to do it.”

– Rudy Niswanger



“Now we are able to work from our houses if we need to and it’s just made our life a lot more secure.”

– David Soignier



“Every morning when we came in, our server had to be rebooted…MOEbiz has been a blessing to us!”

– Donna Hall

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“We have an agreement where we actually lease the machines so when new technology comes out we’re able to get newer machines. Chap is very good about bringing new technology to us!”

– Joseph Hakim


“I can store them (our files) digitally much cheaper than I can rent 2,000 feet of warehouse space.”

– William Sparks


“MOEbiz has evolved our firm into a multifaceted system that does everything.”

– Michael L. DuBos



“Implementing the FleetCare program has been so easy. MOEbiz evaluated our existing machines and then suggested ways to better utilize our printer fleet. We now have a handle on our print costs and can budget them more effectively. FleetCare has improved our bottom line. It is a valuable service for any company.”

– Kevin P. Goldman, CPA, Chief Financial Officer


FleetCare has been a cost effective way to acquire our print fleet and manage our expenses. The program helps us control costs and takes the guesswork out of shopping for new equipment when the need arises. FleetCare has gotten our print costs under control and the staff at MOEbiz is quick to respond to our needs. We are glad we chose to use MOEbiz’s FleetCare service and gladly suggest it to others.

– R. David Sorrell, Scout Executive

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