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See Our Tips to Save on Ink When Printing (Without Sacrificing Quality)

Ink is one of the main considerations for consumers when choosing a printer for their home or office. In addition to the assurance of print quality, buyers want to know that replacement cartridges will be affordable for the entire life of their printer. If you do a lot of printing, the ink costs can really add up.

Here are some of the easiest ways to reduce what you spend without giving up high-quality, colorful print results.

Organize and Downsize

Does every employee in your office really need an individual printer? Allow us to help you choose a smarter budget solution. MOEbiz can reconstruct your printing processes by creating central printing locations with advanced capabilities that have individual accounts for each employee to track their documents.

When you store a variety of toner and ink to refill all of your printer models, working or not, disorganization gives way to lost products and confusion.

If a printer breaks, and your company retires the machine, the stored ink for that particular device goes to waste if there are not any other models for which it can be used. MOEbiz can help you determine the printer and copier models that fit your business to reduce user costs and unnecessary environmental waste.

Optimize output

Some of your printer’s default options may be set for the best possible print resolution, even if you don’t need it. Check your printer’s quality settings regularly and choose the default that best represents most of your printed work. Adjusting the default settings for run-of-the-mill print jobs could save you ink - and money.

If you print photos often or need marketing materials to look sharp, set it to the best quality. Otherwise, there’s no need to use all that ink for printing off an email.

Choose grayscale

Did you know that many black-and-white print jobs use more than the just the black ink?

Unless you specify “grayscale only,” your printer may be giving you more quality than you really need. For jobs that don’t require color, shut off these cartridges within your print settings.

Pick the right font

Different fonts use different amounts of ink. Choose a font that’s optimized for ink conservation, and watch your ink usage go down without even trying.

Arial is one of the more popular default fonts but it uses 27% more ink than Calibri, Century Gothic, or the classic Times New Roman.

Print with care

Do you really need to print a particular page? Take a moment to assess just how many of your latest print jobs were necessary, and determine if there is a pattern to wasted jobs. You may be able to save files to your computer or read documents on an e-reader instead of printing them out.

Maintain your printer

Printer jams and dirty printheads can make your cartridges start to leak ink or, even worse, cause printer malfunctions. Protect your investment by performing regular maintenance duties. You can do this by using the HP print software center, which checks on your ink levels and can clean your printer to help you reduce overall ink usage.

Consider an upgrade

Is your printer more than five years old? If so, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

In addition to being more economical in terms of ink usage, today’s printers can connect wirelessly to your home network, receive print jobs from your phone, and even communicate that they need more ink shipped to your home.

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