08 Jun

Consumers Practice Poor Password Habits

Employees are encouraged to manage a growing collection of online accounts.  They create weak passwords and reuse these passwords across multiple sites.  Consumers are careless about password creation, management and safety.  The defenses around personal and corporate data inevitably start to deteriorate.

According to CSIdentity, here are some key findings.

  • 61% of consumers reuse passwords among multiple websites
  • 54% of consumers have only five passwords or less
  • 44% of consumers change their password only once a year or less
  • 89% of consumers feel secure with their current password management and use habits
  • 21% of consumers have had an online account compromised

The average consumer takes minimal action to secure online accounts.  To mitigate the effect of weak passwords, businesses should consider ongoing education, monitoring and authentication techniques.


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23 May

Cecilia Costanza participates in Leadership Ouachita


Cecilia Costanza, Sales Consultant here at MOEbiz, joined the Leadership Ouachita program earlier this year.  The purpose of the organization is to develop and empower the emerging leaders of northeast Louisiana and help them gain the skills they need to transform the region into the best place to live and do business.

Participants attend monthly sessions to engage in assignments focused on education, health care, workforce development, infrastructure and government.  The program provides insight on public decision making, practical and in-depth discussions on public issues pertinent to Ouachita Parish.  It also offers an expanded knowledge and understanding of the community in which we live, and the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with growing and established leaders in a neutral environment.

Members who complete the requirements of the program will be awarded a certificate at the end of the year.  MOEbiz is honored to have Cecilia participate in this organization to serve our community.

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11 May

MOEbiz is represented at The United Group

MOEbiz recently attended The United Group (TUG) conference in Las Vegas.  This is TUG’s premier event of the year and features many opportunities to meet with preferred suppliers and network with fellow members.  MOEbiz was named copier / printer vendor for TUG which has over 1,000 members.  Samsung and Great America Leasing were our corporate sponsors for this event.

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02 May
20 Apr

Cybersecurity News

Companies have come a long way in their ability to ward off internal and external cybersecurity threats. Guarding devices and online data is an ongoing effort.  There were a total of 781 reported data breaches in 2015 which represents the second highest year on record since the Identity Theft Resource Center began tracking breaches in 2005.  It’s clear that businesses must make it a priority to protect their own, their customers’, and their employees’ private information.

Unfortunately, work cybersecurity knowledge and habits still lag behind. Though some incidents stem from organizations’ subpar planning and systems, the majority come from employee error.  Being aware of IT best practices isn’t enough; cybersecurity is reflected in the many technology decisions employees make daily, whether it’s changing logins regularly, avoiding predictable passwords or dodging phishing attempts.  In 2014, the Internet Crime Complaint Center received 269,422 complaints with an adjusted dollar loss of more than $800 million.  Despite a widespread sentiment that end users are more tech savvy than ever before, reckless behavior persists.

Research shows that 60% of employees use their work mobile device for personal activities. Ninety-one percent of employees connect their laptop/mobile to public Wi-Fi networks. Forty-eight percent of employees have at least 10 logins, but only 34% have at least 10 unique logins.  MOEbiz suggests using multiple passwords and using an app to keep track of passwords.

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20 Apr

Kudos from a pleased customer!

All of your employees are very personable and helpful.  Donnie does a good job and goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met quickly and efficiently.  He is always pleasant and handles the problem in a timely fashion.  We really appreciate his thoroughness and knowledgeable assistance.

Danee’ Lewis, Office Manager

Choudrant Appliance

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23 Mar

MOEbiz earns inaugural CHAMPS Services Award!!

During the Ricoh National Conference, held in Las Vegas, MOEbiz was recognized for excellence in Professional Services.  MOEbiz utilizes the Ricoh professional services division and their own sales team to develop document management processes, Facilities Management and a host of other technology uses within the workplace.  The professional services available through this program bring enterprise level services to the small to medium sized workplace.

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