17 Feb

Unsecured & Everyone Knows

Take a moment and ask yourself, should I be on this wireless network?

There are some scary truths to being connected to an unsecured wireless network.  Since you are probably wondering the answer, we should begin with what is the difference between secured and unsecured?  Secured wireless networks would be considered your home or workplace – areas that you know have the proper web intrusion hardware and software operating that will block unwanted requests and protect your data.  Unsecured wireless networks are everywhere.  They are in restaurants, airports, hotels – basically most of the places that we travel.   These unsecured networks will allow your device to be probed.  Unsecured wireless networks are the most likely place that people are trolling for quick information about your passwords, emails, chat information, twitter data, Facebook posts, anything you use the device to access.  The statistics for 2016 are:  95.6% of Americans have used public access wireless and 62% of those people have been targeted for attack.  The attackers are after anything that would either be used to access accounts or as we have witnessed over the past several months, data that could become harmful to your life.  Secure pictures, email data, banking information, anything that would make the intruders money.

Another large part of the problem is that the attackers know only 20% of mobile devices have any level of security on the device.  This is a reality check for everyone, including those of us who live in the technology world.  The cellular carriers have little or no security and hold themselves harmless of any intrusion, thus it falls in your lap and it’s your problem to clean up.

Here are a few suggestions that may help you avoid being the next cybercrime victim:

  • When using unsecured wireless networks avoid company data usage, banking, social media and personal email accounts.
  • Purchase and install a mobile malware/antivirus product (keep it up to date). Here are a few to consider: SOTI MobiControl, Citrix XenMobile, or VMware AirWatch.
  • Add a minimum level of encryption to your mobile device, a password or required access code.
  • The best formula is to stay off unsecured wireless networks if at all possible.

If you think, “this won’t happen to me”, here is the reality of the situation.  In 2016 over one billion devices were susceptible to the Stagefright malware outbreak.  In terms of how we think, this would be considered a pandemic in the IT world.  The threat is very real and can affect your entire household since most of our homes are becoming increasingly connected through mobile APPS and connected smart devices (i.e. TV, thermostat, etc.)

Today would be a good day to change your habits.  If you have any questions or would like more information, give us a call!

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02 Dec

MOEbiz recognized as a 2016 Elite Dealer

MOEbiz was recently recognized as a 2016 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine.  Our company made approximately $5 million in revenue this y ear while growing our managed network services by 32 percent.  ENX Magazine considered the following characteristics during the selection process:

  • Our innovative marketing
  • Our “do it right” mentality
  • Partner recognition
  • Open communication with employees
  • Giving back to the community
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08 Nov

MOEbiz attends Ricoh Convergence 2016


Ricki Sullivan, Cecilia Costanza, Nichole Wallace and Nicole Morgan were among the 1,200 attendees at the Convergence 2016 conference held last month at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Ricoh dealer meeting consisted of two general sessions and a Technology Expo designed to provide a customized experience into Ricoh’s latest products.  This picture was taken atop Drai’s Nightclub with a beautiful view of the city.

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29 Sep

HP Acquires Samsung Printer Business

Largest acquisition in HP’s history

HP, the world leader in printing, recently confirmed they have reached an agreement with Samsung Electronics to purchase its printer business.  This acquisition gives the company a stronger existence in the A3 copier market.  HP will gain 6,500 printing patents and about 6,000 employees.  The company intends to keep Samsung’s presence in South Korea as is.

HP plans to continue the Samsung brand for about two years before being integrated under the HP branding.  Some of Samsung technologies will be integrated with HP’s existing product lines to create a new portfolio of products.  There is also an opportunity for some HP technology to migrate to Samsung models.

Contact one of our experienced sales consultants today to learn more about the Samsung products that we offer!

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15 Jul

Managed Print Services

The healthcare industry is under great pressure to reduce costs that doesn’t impact frontline services.  Less than a decade ago, nine out of ten doctors in the United States updated their patients’ records by hand and stored them in color-coded files.  Adopting managed print services (MPS) can help ease this burden.

Not only will MPS identify areas to be more efficient, it will also put processes in place to ensure the transition to digital is as smooth as possible.  Unnecessary printing wastes time and resources that could be spent treating patients and puts confidential information at risk.

Here are four positive ways MPS can have an impact on the healthcare industry.

  • MPS is often the most cost-effective solution to streamlining costs of internal communication.
  • Administrative tasks can be reduced and more time spent with patients.
  • To avoid confidential information left on printers, MPS can provide increased security.
  • MPS will provide ongoing awareness into the maintenance, consumption and costs of your organization’s printing.

Contact MOEbiz to learn more about our Managed Print Services!


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21 Jun

Optimize Your Technology Plan

Innovation with technology can and will change the way people and organizations will work and function.  IT services are now a critical component of business processes that build revenue and create competitive advantages.  Successful companies are managing technology by a “plan vs a reactive approach.”

Here are some key steps to help aid the technology planning process.

  • First start with a business conversation on strategy, structure, skills and systems.
  • Then conduct a strategy session to highlight any specific risks found in current key areas of your organization as it relates to people, process, or technology, and begin to associate costs with both the risks and the solutions.
  • Finally, establish company benchmarks and objectives and align hardware and services to business strategy.

With the rate at which data and technology is changing, organizations should look at their plan in these three phases instead of years – New, Supported, and Retiring.  The following items should be considered:

  • Firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Switches
  • Wireless
  • Server Hardware
  • Server Software
  • MFP / Document Management
  • Email
  • Backup

Call MOEbiz to learn how we can get you started with our Managed Network Services!


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08 Jun

Consumers Practice Poor Password Habits

Employees are encouraged to manage a growing collection of online accounts.  They create weak passwords and reuse these passwords across multiple sites.  Consumers are careless about password creation, management and safety.  The defenses around personal and corporate data inevitably start to deteriorate.

According to CSIdentity, here are some key findings.

  • 61% of consumers reuse passwords among multiple websites
  • 54% of consumers have only five passwords or less
  • 44% of consumers change their password only once a year or less
  • 89% of consumers feel secure with their current password management and use habits
  • 21% of consumers have had an online account compromised

The average consumer takes minimal action to secure online accounts.  To mitigate the effect of weak passwords, businesses should consider ongoing education, monitoring and authentication techniques.


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23 May

Cecilia Costanza participates in Leadership Ouachita


Cecilia Costanza, Sales Consultant here at MOEbiz, joined the Leadership Ouachita program earlier this year.  The purpose of the organization is to develop and empower the emerging leaders of northeast Louisiana and help them gain the skills they need to transform the region into the best place to live and do business.

Participants attend monthly sessions to engage in assignments focused on education, health care, workforce development, infrastructure and government.  The program provides insight on public decision making, practical and in-depth discussions on public issues pertinent to Ouachita Parish.  It also offers an expanded knowledge and understanding of the community in which we live, and the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with growing and established leaders in a neutral environment.

Members who complete the requirements of the program will be awarded a certificate at the end of the year.  MOEbiz is honored to have Cecilia participate in this organization to serve our community.

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11 May

MOEbiz is represented at The United Group

MOEbiz recently attended The United Group (TUG) conference in Las Vegas.  This is TUG’s premier event of the year and features many opportunities to meet with preferred suppliers and network with fellow members.  MOEbiz was named copier / printer vendor for TUG which has over 1,000 members.  Samsung and Great America Leasing were our corporate sponsors for this event.

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02 May

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