What's Included In A Lease?

Leasing copier equipment can sometimes be confusing as to what is included and what is not lets break down a typical MOEbiz copier lease

Example :  lease payment   $319.25/month so lets break this down

                                                • $125.00-  Service portion  includes 6,500 black & white copies @ .015 per page ($97.50) also includes 275 pages of color @ .10 cents per page ($27.50)

                                                •  $194.25- equipment finance portion of lease

Note in this example there is a base service charge, there can also be a usage charge when you go over the allotted usage on the copies whether black and white or color,  it could also be set up to do this annually,quarterly or monthly depending on the customer needs, some companies like a set budgeted amount every month  then to rebalance quarterly or even annually or you can choose to set it up on a true CPC which is where you pay for the actual usage you use montlhly

                                                $319.25- total payment

                                                   ++        applicable tax

What's Not Included In A Lease?

Most leasing companies do not include property tax which is paid on any leased equipment back to the taxing authority of that parish/county, MOEbiz does include this in your payment to make is simpler for the customer rather than get a bill at the end of the year for property tax, so we break it down by parish and include the tax in your payment. (ask your lease company or sales rep if it is included)

What’s Is Included In A Service Agreement?

Normally most agreements cover parts and labor and consumables (toner/drums/developer)  so think about it like a vehicle there are many moving parts on a vehicle, the engine,tires,transmission,alternator,brakes etc etc,  a copier has the same type of arrangemtn and each part has a useful life kind of like oil changes vs transmission fluid changes each has a specific lifecycle,  so rather than get a bill for the part as each one wears out we come up with a cpc charge (cost per copy) that it takes to cover all of those parts including all the labor it takes to replace the parts,  so in genral most agreements cover all parts and labor to run the equipment and the supplies.

What's the MOEbiz advantage?

This is an agreement that we charge for in addition to your base lease payment or service agreement that allows us to service you remotely when it comes to items normally not covered in a service agreement, mainly network related issues,  such as my printer wont print?, I got a new pc and I need to install the driver for it, I need to add a new scan box for a new employee, etc etc,  we see this as a value added service for normal ongoing issues in which you don’t want to call your network guy and be charged $129.00 to handle (talk to a moebiz sales peson if you don’t have this agreement they normally pay for themselves in one call and start at only $5.99/month.

What Type Of Warranty Comes With The Equipment?

Unfortunately in our industry the standard warranty from the manufacturer is 90 days. This is why service agreements are so prevalent,  anyone who tells you there is a 3 year warranty is giving you false information.  Be beware of the wording and verify exactly what the warranty does cover.  Parts? Labor? Do you have to ship it back to the mfr.?  Does it cover supplies?

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